Dr. Bachti Alisjahbana

An internist and an infection specialist. Graduated from FK Universitas Indonesia in 1989, graduated internist in FK UNPAD in 1999 and S3 at Nijmegen University, the Netherlands. He has experience in remote areas of Papua for 3 years. Most of the time is now given to efforts to improve the quality of infectious disease management for dengue, HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. The goal is for all community health service centers, including those on the cutting edge in the field, to manage infectious diseases in an integrated and comprehensive manner. The use of appropriate technology will facilitate the achievement of these ideals.

Dr. Sukwan Handali

Since graduating from the University of Indonesia in 1983, Dr. Handali has sought to develop health efforts for marginalized communities. His work experience began in the interior of Irian Jaya / Papua for more than 13 years. He continued his Masters education in the United Kingdom and S3 in Tulane, United States, and now works at the CDC Atlanta in the effort to develop rapid diagnostic tools for various infectious diseases. He has a goal that good health services can be provided in every corner of Indonesia without any restrictions. Disease prevention can be carried out effectively even with limited resources in remote areas.