Diagnostic service is the backbone of good and proper medical care, however in Indonesia diagnostic service is regarded as expensive and difficult to access. Diagnostic services often only served hospital and big centralized laboratoria. These test can only be accessed by person who are already very ill that are referred to the hospital, or person who have the means to pay for private laboratory services. Diagnostic tests are expensive in Indonesia because most of the materials are imported from abroad. These factors makes it difficult for some important screening test to reach more people who are in need. While on the other side, today, various new technologies have made medical tests simpler that can be decentralized, even conducted close to patients.

PT. Pakar Biomedika Indonesia is striving to overcome this problems and narrow the gap. With the current advances in bio-technology and medical science today, we believe we can provide these innovative products quicker to reach the people in Indonesia. while making sure that it will be suitable for use at various levels of health care. This vision arises because of the great needs exist in the wide variety of community and extensive number of population and geographical spread in Indonesia. Pakar Biomedika will gather experts and resources from various discipline in Indonesia to make diagnostic kits with international quality standard.